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Neuro Nerds Anonymous

Welcome. As a 1st year psychiatric resident entering neuropsychiatry, I am fascinated by subjects related to the mind-brain connection. I am always searching for individuals who are similarly inclined. This journal serves as a repository for interesting things I discover during my journey.

Research News
Neurotransmitter.net Coolest. Site. Ever.
List of online neuropsych journals, Neurology Linx, Lancet Neurology, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Neurofuture
Psychotherapy Networker, Psycport, Journal of Clinical Psychopharm, Journal of Neuropsychopharm

General Information Sites
Neuropsychology Central, Neuropsychology Arena
Internet Handbook of Neurology, Neuroland, Neurodudes, Brain Blogger
Psychnet-UK, Psych Central, Psyche Matters, Psych Education
Medscape, The Merck Manuals, Who Named It?

Anatomy/Diagnosis Guides
Wash U Brain Atlas, Brainstem/Cord sections, Virtual Hospital, U of Nottingham's atlas
TBI Doc, Neuroembryology, Neuropathology, The Brain Tumor Society
Behavenet, Psychopathology, Psyweb, All Psych, Psychiatry Online

UPenn Neuroethics
Forensic Psych
Journal of Medical Ethics

American Neurological Association, American Academy of Neurology, European Federation of Neurological Societies
International Neuropsychiatric Association, American Neuropsychiatric Association, National Academy of Neuropsychology
National Institute of Mental Health, WHO Mental Health, American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychoanalyst Association, PsiChi, World Psychiatric Association, Autism Society of America

Online links databases
Karonlinska I.
Encyclopedia of Psychology, VCU

Just for Fun
Neuroscience for Kids, Brains Rule, The Secret Life of the Brain, The Brain Connection
e-Psych, Psi Cafe, Psych Movies

That is all for now. Live long and prosper.

Brain, n.: An apparatus with which we think that we think.
Mind, n.: A mysterious form of matter secreted by the brain.

Ambrose Bierce
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Hello spocksbrain, my name is Ehrich. I'm very flattered that you added me as a friend. Thank you. I'm also very interested in the mind-brain connection and I might switch my major (mathematics) down the road.

Wow, a first-year psychiatric resident entering neuropsychiatry...Your brain must contain oodles of information.

I found your definitions very interesting:

Brain, n.: An apparatus with which we think that we think.
Mind, n.: A mysterious form of matter secreted by the brain.

That's fascinating and I think it's implying the mind can be separate from the brain. I don't want to burden you, however, with a lot of questions and give off the wrong impression. Thank you for the links, and welcome to Livejournal.


P.S. Nice name, by the way ;)
Thank you! I was quite impressed with the discussion you began on cogsci. I am always happy to meet and learn from interesting people such as yourself. Questions are certainly no burden; I love to talk about the brain and the mind. :)

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Hello! I saw from one of your comments in a psychology community that you might be interested in neuropsych. I would love to compare notes with you about what training is involved for students in Canada. Are there any differences that you know of?

I went to Cornell University undergraduate, with a major in psychology. I graduated from medical school in Connecticut last May, and had just barely begun my first year of psychiatric residency at Yale when I fell ill and had to take some time off. If all goes well, I will be able to return this August.

What kinds of jobs are available in your field in Canada?
"Questions are certainly no burden; I love to talk about the brain and the mind."

Thank you so much, I won't try to take up too much of your time :) But from what I've been reading so far, it seems like the mind is immaterial, more like a process of the brain. I've also been reading up on the Mind-Brain Identity Theory, materialism, and functionalism. I've got to get ahold of Dennett and Searle's work though :D It seems they both have 2 camps arguing for either sides. Intellectual debate is always interesting and amusing, to say the least. :)

By the way, there's also an interesting debate going on over at the real_philosophy community. I think you're more interesting and I hope to talk to you soon. :)

Neat! It has been quite a while since I have reviewed that literature, but these comments bring back memories.

Hopefully, this weekend I will have more time to share some of my own hairbrained theories on consciousness and the nature of the mind. From a practical standpoint, I tend to think of the mind as a product of the brain, much like perception is a product of the sensory organs/sensory cortex.
You have good taste in friends.
Thank you! Same to you, certainly. :)
Thank you. Your icon seems...unique.


11 years ago


11 years ago

Ooo, you're awesome!

I'm neuropsych, but...well I guess technically I'm only a sophmore in undergrad (but also Psi Chi pres, probably lab assistant next year - I'm not totally useless!), but I'm in 4000 level classes. Most of my knowledge comes from my own research, and managing to turn every assignment into biologically-based research.
The problem is, my university doesn't even have a *real* lab...I really need to transfer to Emory, heh.

I'd love to read your stuff, but if you don't want a whiny little undergrad running around your journal, I'd understand :P
Welcome! I'm always exceptionally glad to have others interested in neuropsych around to talk to...no matter what level or background. I would love to hear more about your research. :)
interesting. I don't know if I qualify as a real contender in the list of people you read, but hey, I'm flattered.
Greetings! Any passing interest in neurology or psychology makes you a contender in my book; the links you posted in your journal on the brain were wonderful. As for me, I'm flattered that you noticed and added me. :)
you post about interesting things for me (neuro- cuz it rocks), i don't know if i can say the same about myself. but thanks for the add. i may benefit more than you from this.
You are quite welcome! Meeting others who are also interested in neurology always makes my day. :)
thanks for the add! i love neuro sci! its my goal to be a neuro psych and concentrate on epilepsy! whoo!
That would be amazing. Epilepsy is such a fascinating subject! Welcome.

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Welcome! Thank you for sharing your story with me. I am truly sorry to hear about all that you have been through so far. I admire your courage. Of course I would love to talk to you in more detail, either here on livejournal or by email at ncw1@cornell.edu.
Who are you?
Ooo you're from Cornell! Coolness.
Right back at you. :)
Very nice, thank you!