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The Mental Health of Animals

From Mind Hacks comes this tidbit: a textbook in veterinary psychiatry by Franklin McMillan. Includes a chapter by Temple Grandin.

Preface-Franklin D. McMillan
Part 1- Foundations of Animal Mental Health and Well-being
1. On Understanding Animal Mentation- Bernard E. Rollin
2. The Question of Animal Emotions: An Ethological Perspective- Marc Bekoff
3. The Experience of Pleasure in Animals- Michel Cabanac
4. The Science of Suffering- Marian S. Dawkins
5. Affective-Social Neuroscience Approaches to Understanding Core Emotional Feelings in Animals- Jaak Panksepp

Part 2 Emotional distress, suffering, and mental illness
6. Animal Boredom: Understanding the Tedium of Confined Lives- Francoise Wemelsfelder
7. Stress, Distress, and Emotion: Distinctions and Implications for Mental Well-being- Franklin D. McMillan
8. Interrelationships Between Mental and Physical Health: The Mind-Body Connection- Michael W. Fox
9. Mental Illness in Animals – The Need for Precision in Terminology and Diagnostic Criteria- Karen L. Overall
10. Treatment of Emotional Distress and Disorders – Non-pharmacologic Methods- John C. Wright, Pam Reid, and Zack Rozier
11. Treatment of Emotional Distress and Disorders – Pharmacologic Methods- Amy R. Marder and J. Michelle Posage
12. Emotional Maltreatment in Animals- Franklin D. McMillan

Part 3 Mental Wellness
13. The Concept of Quality of Life in Animals- Franklin D. McMillan
14. Giving Power to Animals- Hal Markowitz and Katherine Eckert
15. Psychological Well-being in Animals- Suzanne Hetts, Dan Estep, Amy R. Marder
16. Do Animals Experience True Happiness?- Franklin D. McMillan
17. Animal Happiness: A Philosophical View- Bernard E. Rollin

Part 4 Special Populations
18. Mental Well-being in Farm Animals: How They Think and Feel- Temple Grandin
19. Mental Health Issues in Laboratory Animals- Andrew N. Rowan and Leslie King
20. Animal Well-Being and Research Outcomes- Hal Markowitz and Gregory B. Timmel
21. Mental Health Issues in Captive Birds- Lynne Seibert
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